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Blog Analysis


Titles are highlighted in bold and wording captures the interest of the reader by providing a quick summary of the blog content. The blog is updated every few hours and averaging more than 10 blogs per day. The content is related to photography and is applicable to both professional and amateur photographers. Comments are plentiful and the blog readers utilize this feature. Blog comments are commented on by others. Some blogs are in agreement and others provide suggestions and comments when they do not agree on a posting. When blogs are not in agreement, the comments tend to written in a professional manner and are not derogatory in nature. Links for cross promotion are included in some of the blog postings. These are especially evident in Facebook links and links to purchase equipment that was mentioned. A search box is provided for the reader to search archived blogs which is user friendly and easy to use to search key words. The use of metrics is minimal for the blogger but may be available to the blog administrator. The site does track the number of shares for each article. This is one of my favorite blog sites for photography because it does provide a lot of information and the blog posts are easy to locate.


The titles are similar on this blog as the F Stoppers blog site in that they provide a summary of what the content of the blog will be. Many of the titles on this site are “How to…..” and are easy to search. The blog is updated every few hours with an average of 5-6 blogs per day. The content is again related to photography with an emphasis on technological photography using smartphone cameras and tablet cameras. Blog comments are scarce. Likewise, since the comments are few the links provided by the blog writers are also few. A search box is included and easy to use with key words. The number of shares is tracked and visible which is also very similar to F Stoppers. I have not personally used this blog for information in the past but will do so in the future now that I have had an opportunity to review it. Personal Blog I have not written a blog in the past, but I set up a blog on my website for this assignment. It can be accessed through my site at The site is managed by SmugMug and is easy to use and manipulate. The focus of my blog will be on photography for both professionals and amateurs with an emphasis on action sports photography and Canon equipment.



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